A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A small VR experience in the world of Zeldo.

Will you find the 13 zeldo and the master sword hidden in hyruldo ?


VR Controller
Movementleft joystick
Grab Item
left/right grip
Glideleft + right grip while in air
  • You can store your weapon in your back by dropping it above your right shoulder.
  • You can eat by releasing an item in your mouth.

This may be updated


zeldo-ballad-in-the-wild-pc-vr.zip 134 MB
Version 0.11 Apr 10, 2023
zeldo-ballad-in-the-wild-quest-vr.apk 170 MB
Version 0.11 Apr 10, 2023

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Is this gonna be uploaded to sidequest?

I'll try to put it to sidequest

Linux version please.

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VR is working on Linux ? I will try to make a build.

I try to make it work on Linux but it's not supported on Unity

It is quite a large playing area. I played for 10 minutes and only found 3. Is there any 'formula' to finding them?

How do you know how many you have found? There is no count displayed and I think I will forget.

I put them in important locations of the original game (ex villages, castle, korok forest...). I could add a count when you find one.

yo what is this game?

It's zelda but in VR.