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how save game

Title of the game checks out lol I had a lot of fun playing this

Needs a save feature. unless there's something wrong with my copy


I played until Vardt and that was a fun surprise lol.
Nice job!



The phone version crashes the game


when I paused a game, but a game doesn't pause


thats one of the core mechanics of soulslikes my boi




This is awesome! I'm so impressed with the quality of this.


Nice video.


Will you make an android version with no vr?

good game

i cant seem to get past the press any key to start screen


try enter key or click the on the press any key

the game doesnt save I used a bonefire but it still didnt save

It's too big

Wow, as a fan of Dark Souls and souls-like games this made me happy. Seems as if a ton of love went into making this and it shows!

Excuse me how do you change the skin in this game?

You can replace the skin.png file in Data/StreamingAssets folder of the game with your skin.



It's the best game I've ever played

   like game

Why do I always flinch?

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Doesn't work on Linux with wine (Doesn't handle keyboard input). Although a native Linux version would be nice.

Edit: Nevermind, after some tweaks it works. Still, a Linux version would be appreciated.

Edit: Thanks for the Linux version!

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I’m sure it’s build for PC, Mac, and Linux if they built it in standalone.

sometimes tho unity doesn’t build properly for every console correctly.

You still need to select target version to Linux and build it separately. Because currently you’re building only for Windows.

You change target version here:

And if you need further help, check unity’s Linux build settings help page

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weird it only gives me windows as an option nvm I gotta install that on unity hub


I tried to make a linux build but i got weird graphics issues (i think my gpu driver was broken). Anyway i push the linux version. It would be cool if you can tell me if it's work correctly.


Well, As you see: It works! Thank you for making Linux build :3



A very interesting and EPIC game for me. I love the Dark Souls and Minecraft games, this one just combines them together into a fantastic game experience! :)

Why does it say it is for Android when i don't see a download link for it?

best game ever111111


i love this gam

very funny

reminds me of dark souls 


SOMEONE KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THE mouse sensitivity ?


I added a slider for the camera speed in the option menu

still kinda too fast

I tried to play the game on desktop but the camera is inside the head and I can't see anything, also I can't move the camera, is this vr exclusive, if not please help

Try the win version not the pcvr

thanks I will try

This is so good, very well made and super fun. 

Mine Souls 3 - WHY IS THIS SO FUN!

The game was really fun. The only thing I had problems with was getting it to start up. Eventually got it to work though!


theres just a big black box covering my whole screen but the sides

You probably downloaded the vr versio

nice game

best darksoul of the year

How do you lower the mouse sensitivity in this game? Mine is way too high and the only way I found was to lower the game quality to low which somehow also lowered the mouse sens. I don't want to play this masterpiece on garbage graphics though :c

I added a slider for the camera speed in the option menu

Why is this actually good...

You just made Minecraft 100x better. Get yourself a pat on the back my dude

add animations and fix hitbox and damage and stuff on weapons, i want big spin with the claymore


Herobrine needs to be the next boss fr 🤷‍♀️

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