A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

An epic crossover between Dark Souls 3 and Minecraft.


KeyboardGamepad (Xbox One)VR Controller
Movementwasdleft joystickleft joystick
Jumpspacebarleft joystick pressleft joystick press
InteractioneAright grip
Runleft shiftB (hold)A (hold)
Cameramouseright joystickright joystick
Attackmouse right clickRBhold right trigger and swing the controller
Lock targetmouse scroll clickright joystick press
Use itemfXleft trigger
Change weaponqdpad left/rightY
Change item
cdpad down
Praise the sungSelect


mine-souls-3-win.zip 37 MB
Version 1.6.2 Sep 10, 2022
mine-souls-3-linux.zip 57 MB
Version 1.6.2 Sep 12, 2022
mine-souls-3-quest-vr.apk 41 MB
Version 1.6.1 Sep 07, 2022
mine-souls-3-pc-vr.zip 38 MB
Version 1.6.1 Sep 07, 2022

Development log


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very fun actually

estoy entre un si y no jajajajaja

enemy ahead

I have a question : can I use your game to create mine?

estoy entre un si y no jajajajaja

bow kill all

                                 jogo e pika meu irmão


Não sabia que o jogo tinha mais conteúdo, mas pelo que joguei curti bastante!!!


Is there a way after killing the wolf (second boss)? 
I walked every map and couldnt find another way to go



The game does a load up for my phone :(

That Because It's For Oculus Standalone. It's Not Meant For Android Phones. APK files are for android Files but the File you was trying to use is specifically made for Oculus. Oculus Is Powered By Android in some Way.

i need to see more from this game, i would actually play it, i wanted to use the shield so badly,  great proyect love it


The game does not run in Android 12 :c



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Nice game! SP:

The game doesn't open up for me I am on Android Go


the apk is for VR only

Hello .

My expectations were low at first, but this is a fantastic game. I have only two issues with it, there's unfortunately (as far as I could tell) no menu to figure out which items/weapons are actually more effective, and it is pretty short. I could do without the menu, but if there could be more of the game to play, I would be delighted.

Fantastic remake that I genuinely enjoyed. My only complaint is that the game is too short. 


My first souls experience and it was a Minecraft game lmao


Great, now we wait for the Elden Ring :D


Pretty cool game,its interesting idea to make a Dark Souls in Minecraft setting,i had a fun time playing it,5\5,i didn't finish it cuz i killed a giant wolf and didn't know where to go next

Liebe comunity des spiels. wenn ich das spiel schlisse und wieder öffne ist alles verloren, KAnn man das ändern??

Im amazed at how this is almost a 1 to 1 copy of darksouls (obviously only using minecraft assets). Good job!

Game crash on android cannot play

Android 5.1 samsung stock rom

It didn't work because the android version is meant for the oculus quest, which uses android. 


ok thanks ! 😀

Pretty fun 

but I need Inventory screen because I hate Item/Weapon Cycle

atleast we can switch items while combat

please tell me this game has an option to put your own skin

Yes checkout the Update 1.4 post

Does not work on android but other than that amazing game.


it's not for android. it's an apk file beacause oculus quest vr headsets also use apk files

You can do this game but multiplayer?

Bro when I teleport to firelinkshrine it says : Cemetery of Ash. This is a game breaking bug and it must be fixed immadiately!!! :(:[


I have a suggestion is it possible to put our Minecraft java or Bedrock characters in Mine souls |||

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It's already available ! Checkout the devlog Update 1.4


buen juego


It kept crashing for android for some reasons.

me to

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Is a version for VR, no android

The oculus quest uses apk files. The apk there is so you can sideload the game onto oculus.



Hello I've been following the content for a while now.  I absolutely love what your doing I have lots of fun playing it. But I was wondering when will the next update be coming out? And I hope you stick with it as its amazing!

Progress cannot be saved?

Which engine did u use ?

Unity 2020

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